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Just before lockdown I made my first attempt at home curing. No pictures from that, but it was pretty good,  so I decided to have another go.

Just to make sure it wasn’t beginner’s luck.

I bought another pork loin from the Wee Pig Company who raise free range pigs on their croft at Kilmore. Their own bacon is a regular on our breakfast menu at Sheiling.

Anyway, as it was just the two of us we roasted half the loin and cured the rest.

I used this  recipe from the School of Artisan Food.

Cure: 50grams per kg of meat made up of

25grams soft dark brown sugar

25grams salt.

And that’s all there is to it!

We’ve been very impressed and plan on adding it to our breakfast menu.

I’ve also wondered about using maple syrup in the cure for a slightly different taste.

What’s most important is starting from a really good product, after that it’s just a matter of time.


But all good things are worth waiting for.

Like our guests, and we’ll be here for you when you can come back.

Caroline x

4 thoughts on “Bacon

  1. Dave Mitchell

    I have also just started making Bacon. Last batch was 1/2 maple smoked with %
    (real) maple syrup and maple smoked the other half was peppercorn and double smoked (apple and maple).

    The maple syrup did not make much difference it seemed to run off, so I glazed it afterwards in a vacuum pack and it was good.
    The peppercorn double smoked was awesome, however some found it too smoky. Others thought it was great. Really great on a hamburger and to die for with a slice of smoked gouda (my own).

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