Hello *wags tail* , welcome to my home.

You have a lovely bedroom but you have to sleep in your bed on the floor not on the bed. Let MyPeoples know if you need a blanket or bowls.

You can have breakfast with your peoples, whether you get any bacon is up to them (I am never allowed *sadface*)

I keep to my own quarters.

The garden is lovely and has sea at the bottom, sometimes the sea is big and fast. You need to be careful and let yourPeoples look after you. There’s a big grassy area outside but we share it with our  neighbours Irene and Mike from Innish so be polite and make sure yourPeoples ALWAYS pick up your poo.

I can tell you lovely places for walkies.

Licks and twirls


P1010776 (1)

I do look very grumpy here. I is not grumpy dog

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